iCellullar Repair provides its customers with upfront and fair pricing for all repairs. Each MacBook goes through a full diagnostic process in which we examine all the hardware and software of the machine in order to discover where the problem lies. Once this has been completed our team creates a plan of action that best fits your needs. In this plan, we will create an estimate of all costs associated with the repair and call you to go over it. We highly value our customers and you won’t find a more efficient MacBook repair process than ours.

Quality MacBook Repair Service
In order to provide you with the best quality services and products we only use OEM MacBook parts. Whether it is a new screen, trackpad, battery, or something else we set out to produce top-quality repairs with top-quality products.
All of our MacBook repairs come with a 90-day warranty. We do not anticipate you having any issues, but nonetheless, we offer hassle-free fixes.

Quick MacBook Repair
Not only does iCellullar Repair guarantee a quality repair we also guarantee a quick turnaround! When you drop your device off with iCellullar Repair you are treated with the respect only a local retailer could provide. We know your laptop is your lifeline whether it be for work or personal use, it is important. Our goal is to get your laptop back in your hands as soon as possible. Our repairs take between 24-72 hours to fix after they are brought to the shop. Even with that quick turnaround, we do offer rush services as well for those super important cases.

MacBook Repair Service Near You
The MacBook Pro was originally released in January of 2006 and it has revolutionized the laptop industry. At the time of its release, the touchpad was an unmatched feature. However, with great success also comes failures and the MacBook has its fair share. So when your MacBook starts to go on the fritz, think local and come to iCellullar Repair to get your repair. All MacBook repairs come with a 90-day warranty and we can even troubleshoot the problems prior to you bringing it in. Some of the most common problems that MacBooks have are failing hard drives, broken screens, keyboard issues, trackpad problems, and poor battery life. Our trained technicians can take care of any of these issues and much more.

Quality MacBook Air Repair Service
The MacBook Air was first released in January of 2008, just a few short years after the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air featured a sleek design and became a lightweight option for people on the go. iCellullar Repair also provides repair services for MacBook Airs. The central repairs that iCellullar Repair performs on these laptops are broken screens, battery replacements, keyboard replacements, and data recovery. Below is a comprehensive list of the services we offer for MacBook Airs:

• MacBook Air Screen Repair
• MacBook Air Hard Drive Replacement
• MacBook Air Battery Replacement
• MacBook Air Data Recovery
• MacBook Air Keyboard Repair
• MacBook Air Trackpad Repair


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