We have specific data recovery tools to retrieve lost data from failing hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, cell phones, and tablets. Not many other repair shops have the expensive equipment we have to provide professional data recovery services. We have all necessary tools which allows us to recover data from even the most failed hard drives.

Free Data Recovery Diagnostics
We offer free diagnostics for our data recovery services. When you mail in your device, or stop by locally, we will provide a free estimate for your data recovery. Once the estimate is approved we will start our work. If we cannot recover your data we do not charge you anything. We Can Recover:

Broken Flash Drives
• Cell Phones
• Tablets
• Hard Drives / External Drives
• Solid State Drives
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Servers
• iPods
• Flip Phones
• Cameras
• Micro SD Cards

Cell Phone Data Recovery
We can recover data from the most damaged cell phone’s. Did you drop your phone in the lake, and dive down to retrieve the phone? Did your phone get ran over on the highway? Was your phone dropped in a toilet full of. These are just a few of the many stories we have heard from our customers, and data recoveries we have completed. We do not just replace the charging port and battery and tell you the phone is not recoverable. We inspect the phone down to the board level and figure out how to get your phone to boot to get a lovely iTunes, or android backup. As long as the few main components on the phone are working, such as the CPU and the Flash storage, we can recover your data 100% of the time.
We can recover everything that resides within your phone which includes photos, videos, text messages (full conversations), contacts, voicemails, call logs, location data, application data, etc.

Cell Phone Data Recovery (CPU Swaps)
Sometimes a cell phone’s motherboard is just way too damaged to fix. This can happen from being in the ocean for hours, or becoming physically cracked from impact. In this case we can still get the phone to fully boot to recover your data, but it only works if the 2 main components of the phone are still intact (the CPU and the Flash storage chip). On newer phones the CPU encrypts all of your data that is stored on the flash storage chip. So if either of these components are cracked/damaged there is no way to recover any data.
But if they are working, we can swap the CPU/Flash storage chip to another working donor motherboard, and we can get the phone to boot to make a backup as seen in the video.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
We provide in-house hard drive data recovery. We have a class 5 clean room and a PC-3000 from Ace Labs to recover even the most failed hard drives. The most common failure in a hard drive is when the hard drive heads fail. The heads in the hard drive reads and writes your data from the hard drive’s platters.


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